We have been using Aid Maintenance since 1997 to handle the janitorial services for 750,000 sq.ft. of mixed office, laboratory and production space.  As our business has changed throughout the years Aid Maintenance has changed with us to accommodate our unique needs.  They have an excellent area supervisor who checks in with our staff regularly to plan extra work or special cleanings.  Also, their day staff is always very polite, professional and always helps us out with preparing for big meetings.  They are like an extension of our facilities department in many ways.  Aid Maintenance is always very competitive and their service is reliable.

William B. Stares, Director
Facilities/EHS/Real Estate
Waters Corporation,
Milford MA


I’ve been using Aid Maintenance Cleaning Service to clean my buildings for more than 16 years at 3 different companies. Aid Maintenance is currently cleaning over 150,000 sq. ft. of combination R&D and offices along with approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of class 100,000 clean room space. I find the service that Aid Maintenance offers is organized and responsive in keeping my buildings in tiptop shape. I work with the area supervisor who manages the on site supervisor, staff and the work routine. Aid Maintenance focuses on the routine cleaning as well as the periodicals that need to be addressed. They are willing to shift their resources around as the demand of internal construction and changes arise. I also feel that service is their top priority and that my account is the only one that matters. I use Aid Maintenance night time cleaning and day porters to do the non-routine jobs best done during the day. I always have a full crew, never short, at my facility to do the cleaning job right, the first time. I’ve had great service over the years and I’ always getting compliments on how clean my facility is. I feel the support I receive from Aid Maintenance in addressing any issue that arises, is Aid Maintenance’s priority to resolve.

Don A. Reitano, Corporate Building Operations

Alkermes, Inc.
617-250-1530 |  fax 617-621-3143

Since 1995 Aid Maintenance has always provided me with the best possible cleaning program at a very competitive price. In order to maintain a long-term business relationship with EMC Corporation all of our vendors are expected to be proactive in improving service while maintaining the best cost.

Dave Corbett
EMC Corporation